How do I start writing a CV?

Before reading your CV, the recruiter will get to the following sections where you list in detail all your competencies, it is worth introducing them briefly beforehand. A competently written introduction should say a few words about your previous experience, as well as your expectations and plans for further professional development. Note what your greatest strengths are and in what position you can best use your skills and experience. The fact is that a cover letter is usually no longer a compulsory supplement, so you can also include an abridged version in this section to highlight why you chose this company.

An effective CV is addressed to one employer

The current labour market situation, where a candidate can choose from a multitude of offers, is contributing to much more criticism of the hiring processes presented by companies. Employers have been accused of having a stale approach to selecting candidates, while most people send in their CVs at random in response to any job ad that at least partially matches their interests or experience.

If you include the name of the company to which you are applying in the file name or even somewhere in the body of the document, the recruiter is sure to remember your persona and is more likely to introduce you to team management or company management.

A legible CV is better sent to the employer

The way you compose your CV can tell a recruiter a lot about your organisation and approach to your duties. A clear presentation by section, a chronological sequence in each area or placing the most important information in more prominent places are all indications of attention to detail and clever planning. Try not to write everything at once, and put the least important information (but still relevant to the position you are applying for) at the end of the section or at the bottom of the page.

Don’t forget to also use proven and legible fonts that are easy to read by any system or device. Also, limit the use of bold or italics to the necessary minimum. Applying these rules will help you stand out from the crowd of recruiters.

Candidate contact details – we want to hire you, but…

Many companies nowadays support their recruitment processes with a variety of programmes and applications based on an email list. Unless you are an outstanding expert or well-known publicist in your field, your CV without a contact address may not even pass the initial recruitment stages. Also check that there are no errors in the information you provide. Nothing frustrates a recruiter more than an error with the wrong phone number or a returned email about a non-existent addressee.

To avoid mistakes in CV writing, you can always contact a resume design service. They will write you a great CV that will make you stand out from the crowd of applicants.