Good Samaritan employee pursues psychiatry

Good Samaritan employee pursues psychiatry

Joshua Gaunt, a senior at the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Drugs, is in the 2nd course to graduate the university.

Originally from Sedalia, Missouri, Gaunt attended the College of Missouri for his undergraduate diploma. Recently, he was accepted back again at UM for his psychiatry residency.

Gaunt hopes to focus further in psychiatry by performing a fellowship in geriatric studies. His passion in particular is Alzheimer’s and other sorts of dementia.

At the Good Samaritan Clinic, Gaunt worked with a few of his professors from ARCOM and “fell in like with it.” The clinic does every little thing from chiropractic treatment to prescription drugs to crisis treatment.

Good Samaritan Clinic off N B Street.

“You hardly ever know what folks are likely to arrive in in this article with,” Gaunt said. “Even me type of attempting to focus in psychiatry, I’ve dealt with rather a handful of distinctive situations of depression and anxiety, even issues like hallucinations listed here.”

1 knowledge at the clinic that stands out for Gaunt is when he had to address an infected toenail. A superior schooler arrived in with his father who experienced to translate for him in Spanish. 

At very first, Gaunt was hesitant, as he’s “not a toe person.”

But his mentor, the healthcare director Dr. Ziegler, explained to him, “Josh, you might be taking away this infected toenail for this man.”