COVID is spreading in the North Country. Stay vigilant, says Glens Falls Hospital VP

Nearly every single county in the North State has a higher amount of COVID-19 transmission, in accordance to the CDC. Although hospitalization and demise rates are much lower now than they ended up before in the pandemic, North Region people are however finding unwell and dying.

A vaccinated man or woman in their 60s in Warren County died of the coronavirus just last 7 days. Ray Agnew, a Vice President at Glens Falls Hospital, is encouraging people to mask up in public and keep vigilant throughout this surge of infections.

Emily RussellCOVID is spreading in the North Nation. Keep vigilant, states Glens Falls Medical center VP

COVID is spreading in the North Country. Stay vigilant, says Glens Falls Hospital VP

Glens Falls Clinic. File photo: Emily Russell

EMILY RUSSELL: What type of influence is the latest surge of COVID circumstances getting on Glens Falls Clinic?

RAY AGNEW: Properly, we are seeing a craze for hospitalization rising about the earlier few months and apparently, we have almost equal influenza and COVID admissions appropriate now. An additional interesting point is that we have a quantity of acute healthcare circumstances. We test everybody when they’re admitted, so we have a number of people that are getting admitted for a different primary diagnosis, but upon admission, we find they also have COVID signs, and we have to enable them handle the ailment.

RUSSELL: For another person who is hospitalized with COVID, how unique is the treatment now than it was two many years back?

AGNEW: Well, there are a range of unique matters. Definitely, the vaccination rate makes a great distinction. If you have been vaccinated, and you’ve got had your booster, you happen to be a great deal much less likely to get a intense health issues. So that’s the initial line of protection there. We do have some antivirals that are accessible now. I will not have specific information on this, but we know anecdotally that Paxlovid use is on the increase regionally.

RUSSELL: We talked a few of months in the past, and at that level, most of the men and women who have been hospitalized and I assume all of them who are in the ICU had been unvaccinated. Has that development altered?

AGNEW: It’s continue to trending that the greater part of people who are admitted are unvaccinated.

Microbiologist Stephanie Kelly was the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at Glens Falls Hospital.

Microbiologist Stephanie Kelly was the 1st to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at Glens Falls Clinic.

RUSSELL: What is it like there within the clinic? As we’re entering a different surge of COVID circumstances, how are folks carrying out inside the clinic?

AGNEW: I’m amazed each day at the function ethic, the care, and dedication, especially of the nursing workers of the professional medical team.  They’re just absolutely fatigued and at the similar time, unquestionably dedicated to the treatment of the individuals in our group. So it is really a impressive point to say. When I mentioned earlier that we have pretty much equivalent influenza and COVID— that was not the circumstance in the past year. When mask mandates have been in place, we noticed very, incredibly couple conditions of flu and the only correlation that I can see, and I’m not a scientist, but the only correlation I can see is that fewer people are putting on masks now and you can find extra flu showing up.

We also have had a continually superior census of other acute ailments in the community, a good deal of respiratory, and some matters that we consider we can attribute to people today delaying treatment. But that complicates issues as perfectly, when you have an extraordinarily higher census, even though the COVID census is not as substantial as it was in January, the overall inpatient census stays extremely superior. So that was a good deal of pressure on our groups as properly.

RUSSELL: We’re at the position where a the greater part of Us citizens have had COVID and most New Yorkers are vaccinated. Is there a silver lining in this second? Or do you think folks are letting their guard down too before long?

AGNEW: Boy, that’s a great issue and I wish I experienced a crystal ball. I assume people have to have to bear in mind that COVID is however out there. And yes, numerous of us are vaccinated and boosted, and indeed, Omicron looks to be much less significant, but it can be extremely hard for people today with comorbidities or who may well be immune deficient. And continue to keep in brain that wearing your mask is not only guarding you— believe of the courtesy that you are providing to your fellow citizens by helping to defend them as well. We’re all sick of being ill, ideal? Like, I get that, I entirely have an understanding of it, but I consider we nonetheless require to continue to be vigilant.