Calcium Deposits on Teeth: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Also known as tartar or calculus, calcium deposits are hardened patches of plaque that form on the teeth. Plaque is a in a natural way taking place layer of bacteria found on tooth enamel. If allowed to remain—as in when you really do not have superior dental hygiene—it progresses to form visible calcium deposits.

Tartar typically occurs in difficult-to-reach spots of the teeth, especially together the gum line and amongst the enamel. Even if you choose superb treatment of your smile, calcium deposits can continue to type, which is why you have to have frequent dental cleanings and check out-ups.

Once calcium builds up on teeth, it won’t be able to be eliminated by brushing, and left untreated, it can lead to tooth decay. Cavities aren’t the only dental worry to think about go through on to master the results in of calcium deposits, how dentists get rid of them, and how to avert calcium buildup in the long run.

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Signs and Signs or symptoms of Calcium Deposits

Although plaque and tartar buildup can be asymptomatic at very first, it’s a lot more than an aesthetic issue and sales opportunities to a selection of wellness difficulties. The key indications of calcium deposits are:

  • Yellowish, brown, or dim color
  • Textured experience and/or fuzziness when functioning tongue about the tooth
  • Long-term terrible breath (regarded as halitosis)
  • Bloody, crimson gums and/or bleeding after brushing or flossing

 Additionally, if untreated, a lot additional critical dental troubles that can occur, incorporate:

Eliminating Calcium Deposits

Brushing and flossing can get rid of most plaque, encouraging to prevent calcium deposits from forming. On the other hand, the moment they have shaped, only your dentist can take away them. This is just one of the principal aims of your normal dental cleansing. Dentists rely on several strategies to take away tartar:

  • Scaling: Scaling is working with specialized tools to bodily get rid of calcium deposits and plaque from your teeth. Nowadays, dentists and dental hygienists typically use ultrasonic scrapers—instruments that vibrate at a pretty superior fee and shoot water to get rid of tartar.  
  • Polishing: After your teeth are scaled and cleaned, your dentist or hygienist will easy out rough spots of enamel and provide a ultimate deep clean up. This not only enhances the appearance of your smile, but it also eliminates rougher regions that can attract bacterial create-up.   
  • Scaling and root planing: In more durable conditions, the dentist will want additional in depth do the job to get on calcium deposits further under the gum line and at the roots of tooth and close to bone. This more invasive do the job, also recognised as deep cleaning, requires a nearby anesthetic.  

Really do not Try out This at Home

When you might be able to locate dental applications for scaling for sale on line, removing tartar isn’t one thing you need to try out at dwelling. Not only are you unable to see the inside of your mouth as very well as a dentist can, but you danger harmful your individual enamel by employing dental devices devoid of education.

Protecting against Calcium Buildup

The crucial to avoiding calcium deposits is right dental hygiene. Standard and helpful care of your enamel can get rid of plaque, stopping it from producing into tartar. What can you do? Here’s a breakdown:

  • Suitable brushing: Brush completely and effectively at the very least twice a day, for two minutes at a time. Digital toothbrushes are generally a lot more powerful at eliminating plaque.
  • Flossing: Floss your teeth at the very least once a day. Be light but comprehensive as you work to pull food stuff and plaque from surfaces brushing can’t accessibility.
  • Ingesting behavior: A balanced eating plan will help continue to keep your enamel and gums wholesome. Cutting down on snacking in between meals—and earning certain to brush afterward if you do—can also aid. There is a gain also in steering apparent of sugary sodas, candies, or other sweets. 
  • Water irrigation units: H2o irrigation units, this sort of as the Water Pik, operate on eradicating plaque and microbes around the gum line. Water flossing is particularly practical for individuals hesitant to use string.   
  • Typical dental visits: Even an fantastic level of oral cleanliness just can’t avoid calcium deposits from forming in sure places. You should really goal to get check out-ups twice a 12 months.


Calcium deposits, also acknowledged as tartar or calculus, occur when plaque on the enamel hardens and thickens. In addition to resulting in noticeable yellow, brown, or black deposits, they cause poor breath and bloody gums. In flip, this can result in gingivitis, periodontitis, cavities, tooth loss, and other dental issues.

Brushing and flossing on your own can’t remove these deposits, so dentists hire treatments like scaling and sprucing to take out them. Avoiding tartar requires correct brushing, day-to-day flossing, going to standard dental check out-ups, and staying away from snacking.

A Word From Verywell

In addition to influencing the physical appearance of your smile, calcium deposits on your teeth can become a really serious problem. As with any dental well being issue, the quicker you get treatment, the better off the result. The difficulties of tartar can be handled and even reversed, but this procedure can only commence soon after you settle into that dentist’s chair.

If you are concerned about calcium deposits or have any other problems, don’t hesitate to get the aid you need to have.

Commonly Questioned Questions

  • Are calcium deposits damaging for your teeth?

    Specially if authorized to stay, calcium deposits can be extremely damaging to your enamel. They can cause cavities, tooth decline, gingivitis (gum disorder), periodontitis (gum infection), gum economic downturn, and halitosis (persistent bad breath).

  • Can I get rid of calcium buildup on my teeth at dwelling?

    Even though there’s a good deal you can do at dwelling to just take on the plaque that types into tartar, at the time it’s fashioned only dental resources will do the job to eliminate it. Although you may well be equipped to find these resources for sale on line, you shouldn’t check out removing deposits at dwelling. Devoid of proper education in the approach and if you try to work on your own mouth, you threat harmful your teeth and gums.

  • Is it unpleasant to have tartar eliminated?

    Tartar can arise equally over and beneath the gum line. Usually, the scaling and sprucing processes employed to remove calcium deposits are not agonizing. Nevertheless, if the gums are diseased, or if deep cleansing (scaling and root planing) requirements to be finished at the root of the tooth, you’ll want neighborhood anesthetic.